Boost Your Digital Camera Buying Power

Everybody wants to get more out of their buying dollar today, and digital camera shoppers are no exception to that rule. With the economic downturn, and all the employment uncertainty, it's really no surprise that everyone will try to get more for their money. When shopping for digital cameras, that can become especially tricky, due to vast number of them for sale, and how expensive some of them can be. In fact, there can be such a wide spread in price between to very similar looking models, it can leave the uninitiated camera shopper in a total state of confusion. Have no fear, as there are a few strategies for dealing with this. Some good, and some bad.

One of the things you may be tempted to do, in an attempt to get a digital camera at a good price, is to turn to the used camera market. While it's true that there are some potential savings to be had in the used camera market, there is also potential for disaster. Especially if your looking at the higher end SLR and professional type cameras. If your just looking at smaller compact type digital cameras, and things turn out bad, then your out a couple of hundred dollars. With the higher end models, your looking at over $ 1000. Even for the used ones.

I would probably never buy a used camera online, as it's hard to get a good hands on look at the camera. Dings and dents that could be a sign of abuse are hard to see in photos. Bad cable connectors, dead pixels, and scratches on the lenses are also difficult to pick up for a photo on a website. Buying cameras online is a great idea in general, but only if it's from a reputable website, with a good warranty program.

Another thing to think about with digital cameras, is the type of camera your buying, and the long term costs. When buying a camera, you have obviously the initial cost of the camera, plus the cost of any accessories you buy, such as bags, batteries, memory cards, and extra lenses. But, what many people do not think about is the cost to upgrade down the line. At some point, you will outgrow the camera you buy. If you've bought a compact style digital camera, then your upgrade options are limited, and your probably looking for a replacement. If you bought a SLR camera though, you can simply upgrade it with lenses or additional filters.

Something to think about.

Source by Chris Campbell