Anniversary Gifts – Twenty-Sixth Anniversary

This year your anniversary gift idea is a little bit on the unusual side. The term itself is a little vague, so it is open to quite a few interpretations. That, however, is a good thing, as it gives you more ideas to choose from as you attempt to get your spouse a gift worthy of 26 years of marriage. If you’re wondering just what it is about this year’s anniversary gift that makes it so unusual, you’re about to enter into the land of the original photo.

That’s right. This year’s gift is original photos. The term original is a little vague. What exactly do they mean by original? Do they mean that the photo has to be one of a kind? Do they mean that the photo has to be one of you and your spouse? Can it be an original photo of anything? Can you go outside with your camera and take a picture of the front lawn and give it to your spouse as a gift? Don’t try to find any hard and fast answers to these questions because nobody is talking. It seems that the whole world is just as clueless about what they mean by original photos, so here are some suggestions.

Grab your husband by the scruff of the neck (you’d never have to do this with a lady) and drag him down to a professional photographer. Have him take a kind of second wedding portrait of the two of you, if you haven’t already done that sort of thing for your 25th anniversary, which is something that many people do. Make sure, when you go down to have the photo taken, that you dress up really nicely. Guys, you might want to go out and rent a tuxedo. Gals, maybe you’ll want to throw on your wedding gown if it still fits. After the photo session is over, pick out a really nice large frame to put the photo in. This isn’t going to be some wallet size that you’re going to carry around with you. This is going to be a portrait that you’re going to hang up on the wall somewhere in your home. So the bigger the better.

If the portrait idea isn’t exactly your scene, try this. Go digging through your collection of photos that you’ve been piling up in a dresser drawer over the years. Try to put some thought into this. Look for photos that are in some kind of chronological order, from your first years together to your most recent years together. Try to find somewhere between 50 and 100 photos. After you have them all collected, head on down to a photo store and get a really nice photo album. Don’t get one of those Walmart specials. Get something that is really nice. Yes, you’ll have to spend a few bucks on it, but it will be worth it. After you get the album home, arrange the photos you’ve collected, nicely in the album. Make sure that you have some kind of descriptions underneath each photo. Your spouse will have as much fun reading what you have to say as he or she will have looking at the photos.

Trust me when I say this. Go with one of the two anniversary gift ideas above and there won’t be a dry eye in the house afterwards.

Source by Michael Russell