Amateur Photography

Are you ready to take the jump from amateur photography to professional?

Amateur photography as a hobby serves many important purposes in life. This is true regardless of your amateur status – every day millions of great images are captured by young and old amateur photographers around the world and end up never being seen by anyone.

We all like to take images during special occasions, or when we go on holidays we like to record the special event. Did you ever consider publishing your best work on the web?

Most amateur photographers would like to be able to sell their work. Knowing where and how will certainly give you a helpful start.

Taking the jump from amateur photography to professional or semi-professional photography isn’t easy and will seem like a daunting task at the best of times. The following is a guide to help you if you are ready to take the jump.

You don’t need a collection of hundreds of images to start selling. If you have a collection of twenty good images, you’re off to a good start.

The first step is to create an online portfolio or Website. If your photography interests involve landscape, wildlife or any images that can also be sold as framed prints, create an online credit card facility so that visitors to your website have the option of buying.

The next step is to submit images and your website details to companies that might use your work. Contact local newspapers and local advertising companies that may suit your photography interest.

One of the greatest fears with amateur photographers is seeing the rejection slip coming in the door. This should not turn you off, if you feel your images are good enough – submit them to other companies – every photographer receives rejection sometime during their career.

One of the greatest lessons that any amateur photographer can learn is that you must study a selective photography market. If your photography interest is fashion – study the fashion industry – buy different magazines on a weekly and monthly basis. Know the standard of work submitted by other professional photographers.

You must be your own hardest and toughest critic. If you think that your photographs are “just ok” then they are not good enough. You must be truthful to yourself. Once you are satisfied that your images are good enough, you can start submitting, and with a little bit of luck the first steps on the road to a new career will have begun.

Seeing an image published for the first time will give you a great feeling. Seeing your images being published on a regular basis will give you a new lease of life.

The road from amateur photography to professional photography involves a lot of hard work, but if you are willing to put in the work your amateur status will certainly become history.

Source by TJ Tierney