All About Christian Weddings

Church weddings, as what they are usually called are often celebrated originally with large family gatherings, which include friends and other dear guests. It is said that a church wedding is one of the dreams of a woman, because this entitles more commitment as opposed to a civil wedding.

In the olden days, the Christian wedding is simply a sign of the union of two people to officially celebrate their oneness in the eyes of God and of man since it is celebrated within the ceremony of the Eucharistic Celebration. However, in the modern times, marriage becomes more of the vow of a couple to each other, more than anything else. It is more of a personal celebration rather than religious one. The ceremony of the Christian faith has also been omitted at times, leaving just the wedding vows. The process has still been maintained for centuries, but there are other personal configurations that would reflect the personality, taste and style of the couple particularly the bride's.

Many preparations are done for the ceremony and are time consuming and costly at the same time. In the old days, the bride and the bride's maid are usually the ones who do the preparation. In modern times however, where most brides are busy with their work and can not fully take care of the preparation, wedding planners are hired to coordinate and assist the bride and the bridesmaid with the preparation. The wedding planner also takes care of the orders, the design, and the materials to be used from the wedding dress to the type of flower that would suit the personality of the couple.

The celebration continues with the reception with dances, music and merry-making. There are different ways to celebrate Christian weddings from the grandest celebration to the simplest private gathering.

Source by James Wee