Advertising Photography and its Influence on Us

We human beings are a bag of various emotions and our range is far wider than any other living species on earth. And, when tickled, these emotions compel us to behave in different ways. It is due to this fact that advertising photography has become such a powerful media which makes us behave in a plethora of ways.

Advertising photography tickles a number of human emotions and basic needs and desires. They are the stimulators for different kinds of human behaviour; and this includes consumer behaviour. When we see the images on those glossy magazine advertisements and flashy website banners, they go right to our brain and communicate their message. An advertisement is able to drive home a point through the images.

A variety of human emotions and wishes are tapped by advertising photography. A girl who wants to make her lovely tresses look shiny and bouncy is liable to fall for the shampoo advertisement which shows her favourite model with long flowing radiant hair, because she wants to look equally beautiful. On the other hand, a young boy who shouts “Pepsi”, when asked what he would like to drink, is most likely remembering those flashy red and blue colours of the brand, and his favourite sportsman who are endorsing the same.

Advertising photography has its effect on people of all ages and on various levels of the society. Even the most educated of us do fall for those nice looking, promising advertisements. A professional woman, serving the corporate sector of the UK, flips through her weekly journal and comes across diamond pendants for office wear that promises to enhance her professional get up and at the same time make her look winsome. There is likelihood, however minimal, that she would go out and purchase the gem.

Source by Jack Whites