4 Family Photography Tips!

This is a modern world, and we are modern … families! No matter who the members of your family are, chances are you love capturing their smiles, laughs and happy times with our age's newest and latest technology. Cameras and photography have come a long way since they were first invented, so do not feel bad if you're not quite cooked up with all the techniques out there.

While the "traditional" family portrait may cut it sometimes, we think your gorgeous family needs some modern shots to preserve precious moments. If you've been looking for fast, easy and fun techniques to help you catch all of your modern family's great memories, we've got a treat for you today!

Sarah Sloboda is a lifestyle photographer from New York City who is committed to inspiring people by showing them how beautiful their lives really look-with great-looking photos! Award-winning, trained in filmmaking and documentary-style photography and with a passion that's clearly evident, Sarah does not keep all her talent to herself; in fact, she shares photography tips online to help families take the most beautiful photos of their own members on her crazy-useful blog the University of

We've gathered our top four favorite family photography tips:

-Don't be shy
Sarah suggests getting down low to your baby and kids' level by getting right down on the ground with them to capture their great smiles and expressive faces. Also get in as close as your camera will allow: you'll capture all those precious emotions better.

-Act normal
Do not resort to funny faces or waving stuffed animals to get your kids to "perform" on camera. Just take photos as usual and let them ever grow used to having a camera around. You might not always get a smile, but you will always get genuine reactions from your kids!

-Find a rhythm
Sarah's brilliant idea of ​​putting on some music for your kids for a casual photo shoot in your home is right on target, and she suggests bringing out costumes and just letting your kids have fun dancing and moving.

-Turn off the flash
Our personal favorite tip of Sarah's (and one we can not underscore enough) is to turn off the flash!

You'll see the photograph in natural light and get to experiment with the composition, producing beautiful, natural and flash-free photos! What are your favorite tips when photographing your family? What's the best photo you've ever taken of a loved one, and the story behind it? Share with us your own great family photography ideas!

Source by Jennifer J Gruskoff