10 Senior Portraits Dos and Don’ts

DO reserve a session with your photographer early in the season since their schedules can be booked months in advance.

DON’T wait too long…many high school yearbook deadlines are as early as October, so consider scheduling a session during late summer, before the school year begins.

DO pick a myriad of scenic backgrounds for your senior portraits – think wooded areas, old buildings with intricate architecture, railroad tracks, lush greenery, etc.

DON’T choose locations that have busy and really detailed backdrops that can detract from you as the focus.

DO opt to wear a variety of different outfits, both casual and dressy, especially if you will be shooting photos outdoor. If you are involved in school sports or activities, consider wearing your uniform (i.e. letter jacket or cheerleading uniform). You’ll get a wide variety of photos to choose from.

DON’T clash with your surroundings. Avoid wearing loud, busy patterns and wording on your clothing – it distracts from you. Stick with solid, flattering hues such as neutrals, blues, and reds.

DO stick with your own, natural look to achieve the best photographs.

DON’T try out a new look! You’ll end up with photos that look nothing like you! Boys should avoid getting a new haircut right before the shoot and girls should not try new hairstyles or makeup for the pictures.

DO relax! If you are comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying yourself, your personality and happiness will show beautifully in the portraits.

DON’T stress over blemishes, tan lines, and other minor imperfections – most Salt Lake senior portraits studios can easily erase flaws during the touch-up process.

Source by Kelly Minor